Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 12

Well today is my last day on the road. I left Medford at 9 with overcast skys but the forecast said no rain. I headed North on I-5 until I got past Springfield then I set the GPS to take me to Silver Fall SP south entrance. I don't know where I was except I went through some pretty scenery and nice roads. But when I came to a gravel dead end I turned around and reset it to the North entrance where I have been before. Then I headed out to my brother's place in Orchards. We had dinner and a visit then I got ready to hit the road for the last 125 mile stretch. As I went out to start the bike it started to sprinkle. No big deal. The only dark cloud was a small one. Well 1/2 mile down the road it opens up to where by the time I pulled over there is water running down the road and I am drenched. Put on the rain-gear and rode the rest of the way home. 5 Miles down the road it is dry pavement and stayed that way. You gotta love Mother Natures sense of humor.

Last Motel for this trip. The bike is a mess after all of yesterdays heavy rain.

Pretty country. Somewhere between Jefferson and Sublimity.

Ankle high by 4th of July....maybe.

Mint crop is doing well though.

So is the wheat out along Coon Hollow Road.

Wild Iris in Silver Falls State Park.

South Falls. I thought there might be more water than this but it is already summer after all.

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