Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Eleven

I left Rancho Murieta at about 8AM after listening to the weather report which was for rain. The sky was still clear but the news said it was raining along the coast and heading inland and North. Right where I needed to go. I vowed to take more pictures today as I started out. I stopped for breakfast and when I came out there were clouds. I continued on CA 49 intending to drop down to ride Hyway 70 up the Feather River, But nature does not always co-operate. After I left Grass Valley on CA120 to head West and pickup the 70....it started to sprinkle, then rain, then rain hard. So I gave up the route and headed all the way to I-5 at Red Bluff and gritted my teeth again. Then near the top of the pass (Weed) the rain went away and I rode on into Medford on dry pavement. I just checked on the bike and it is sprinkling now. Oh Well.

Breakfast at Marlene & Glen's.

The clouds are building to the North-West.

This is looking toward the coast. That's not the beach out there.

CA 49 is a great rode to ride.

The old El Dorado County Jail in Coloma was the third one to be built (1857). The windows are double barred.

Beer garden in Coloma. I gotta go back there some day. Is the old jail in the background some kind of message?

Just outside of Grass Valley I took this picture and put the camera away. Those clouds looked like they meant business.

Got down to Yuba City and found a good place to put the rain gear on. Notice the puddle under my jacket. It  didn't leak but sure held a lot of water. So did my leather chaps and they do leak.

Then after all those miles of pouring rain... it just stopped like someone drew a line. A very welcome line.

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