Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Eight

There were a couple of well restored “Old-Time” cars in town this morning for a car rally. After breakfast I went for a ride with Kasey and Alan ( a guy who lives down here in Santa Barbara. Alan lead us on a nice ride of about 200 miles, but we never stopped for any pictures. We even saw a sunny (as opposed to a foggy one) Pismo Beach along the way. Then we came back for the BBQ and Raffle at Hans Christian Anderson Park. Afterwards we came back to the Motel Courtyard for our final story swapping and some good-byes until the next rally. A big thank you to Jim, Kat, Howard, Linda, Kawasaki, and everyone who showed-up for making this a great trip.

Antique Car

Waiting on the grub.

Eatin time

Man that is a lot of food.

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