Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Seven

Another great day. First thing after my Danish Pastry breakfast, Kasey and Don and I drive over to the Kawasaki Demo site and signed up for some rides. I drove the Vaquero  first and then we went over to the Antique Motorcycle Museum. It wasn’t open yet so while we were waiting a fellow comes out of the building next door and says the are closed today. Well, Kat explains that we are waiting for a special opening for our group. He says well I have a key and I can let you in. Turns out that he is Virgil Elings, the owner of this private collection. Pretty nice guy too. After a couple hours of looking at really cool old bikes I went back and rode two more new ones. After dinner we were standing around the parking lot when a guy riding a museum piece rolled in. What a neat thing to see.

Kawasaki demo rides.

Don and Howard discuss some of the bikes with Phil who is head of accessory development for Kawasaki US.

Motorcycle Museum

Solid rubber tires with ice spikes.

Motorcycle Museum

Checking out the new Nomad before test riding it.

Allen rode in on this 1953 Nimbus 750 made in the Netherlands.

Eat your heart out Harry Potter.

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